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Outfit Your Rental Properties with New Mattresses and Pillows this Vacation Season

The quality of your bedroom counts when it comes to a vacation rental.... On average we sleep 8 hours per day, meaning we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives in a bed. This is no different when we are on vacation. Actually, for many people, a vacation is an annual retreat where you spend even more time catching up on sleep. If your beds don’t measure up to these expectations, guests will be unhappy and this can result in negative feedback and complaints. Where as, if they are great, you may have just locked down a repeat customer for years!Not only should bedrooms appear comfortable and inviting, the mattresses should align with that. Please don’t think of buying mattresses in a yard...

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The "Standard" Has Been Set

Do you ever go to sleep feeling like your room is the perfect temperature and wake up feeling like you are laying in the sands of Death Valley? I do. Well....atleast, I did. You may ask: what changed? I recently switched to our newest Z Cloud Mattress. The Z Cloud Standard. The 12" Z Cloud Standard should be the "Standard" for all mattresses. It has carefully been designed through 5+ years of testing and customer feedback. It is comprised of materials that have and you (the consumer) and your sleep quality in mind.    Over the next few weeks I will cover different parts of this mattress and what helped us land on the makeup. Item Number 1: Sleep Temperature....

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