Commercial Hospitality

Luxury for Your Guests, Affordability for You.

Hospitality Mattresses
Turn to Zzzz Box when it is time to replace your beds and pillows. We offer bedding options customized to suit the needs of your Inn, Hotel, Motel, or Bed & Breakfast. Pillows and mattresses can be built exclusively for you, and we have a line of coverings to protect your purchases and your guests. We can supply custom-made headboards and provide several options for adjustable bases to complete the comfort experience for your guests. 

Whether you need typical size and shapes for your standard guest rooms, or want a 90-in round mattress for an exclusive suite, we can work with you on designs and options. We roll-compress and ship your purchases to the front door of your properties, no matter what size or shape. 

For information about our custom and standard lines of Commercial Hospital mattresses and pillows, as well as bulk and volume incentive discounts, contact us at or by phone.

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