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Outfit Your Rental Properties with New Mattresses and Pillows this Vacation Season

The quality of your bedroom counts when it comes to a vacation rental....

On average we sleep 8 hours per day, meaning we spend nearly 1/3 of our lives in a bed. This is no different when we are on vacation. Actually, for many people, a vacation is an annual retreat where you spend even more time catching up on sleep. If your beds don’t measure up to these expectations, guests will be unhappy and this can result in negative feedback and complaints. Where as, if they are great, you may have just locked down a repeat customer for years!

Not only should bedrooms appear comfortable and inviting, the mattresses should align with that. Please don’t think of buying mattresses in a yard sale or hand me downs from your guest bedroom. Of course if you’re not planning on asking people to pay to stay, an old mattress is fine, but the moment you accept money for accommodation you become a provider to the tourism industry, and have a responsibility to deliver a top quality sleeping experience.

We can almost guarantee if you were to put a hidden camera in your property and watch people arrive, they would all do much the same as they looked in each bedroom – sit down on the bed and make a comment about how hard/soft/comfortable/squeaky the mattress is. What would they say about yours?

Here’s a good checkpoint to see when you may need a new set: 

  • The mattress is more than 8 years old
  • It makes noises or excessively squeaks when someone lies down. 
  • There’s signs of wear, tear, uneven, bumpy, stains, etc. 
  • You begin to get complaints about the quality of the bed.

You may ask, "What is acceptable for upgrades to my rooms?" or "Where would I look?"

Buying a new bed set doesn’t need to be expensive. Thats where Z Box comes in. We offer luxury at an affordable price. We guarantee you would enjoy sleeping on a Z Box mattress night in and night out, so you do the math, your guests would as well. Get a top end mattress without paying top dollar prices. Oh...and one more thing. Z Box mattresses ship anywhere in the lower 48 United States, free of charge. They also come roll compressed in a convenient 41x18x18 box. Maybe you don't live close to your rental property? When it ships in a box like this, straight to the front door of your property, it makes life easy on the property management company when it comes to moving it in to your rooms. 

Z Box Mattresses (click the picture below for link to our store)


In closing, I would think about it in terms of how many additional days or weeks you would have to rent the property for the new bed to be paid for. A couple of weekends off-season perhaps? Advertise you have new beds/mattresses . Think about how hotels have marketed the beds as a primary reason to select their brand. They’ve used millions of marketing and research dollars to decide on this as a leading campaign strategy, so it probably works. This upgrade may just pay for itself sooner than you think.

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