• Euphoria, is how I would describe my life since receiving my ZBox Hybrid Mattress. I had been experiencing lower back pain for the past two years. After realizing that I need to replace my existing mattress I spent 50 hours researching the different brands and their options. Once I came across Zbox there was no other brand that compared to the materials, construction, customer service level, and price point of their mattresses. I want to now kick myself for living through 2 years of back pain, tossing and turning, and waking up hot due to an inferior mattress. Since I started sleeping on the Zbox Hybrid, I no longer have the pain and do not wake up once after falling asleep. This has been by far one of the best purchases I have made during my lifetime.

    Trent Mason

  • We had been using Temperpedic mattresses for the last 25 years. We were tempted to get another one, but my wife's chiropractor recommended Z-Box. The value was too hard to pass up. We're now sleeping on a Z-Box mattress and the experience has started out Great!


  • We absolutely LOVE our zbox mattress! (so much that we now have this mattress on every bed in our home) We want our guests to be as comfortable in our home when they come to visit as we are on a daily basis! This company is top notch from start to finish, from placing our orders to receiving delivery...a GREAT experience! Highly recommend!


  • I recently purchased two Z Box Mattress pillows and have to say they are extraordinary! My sleep has improved and generally feel better each morning after sleeping using these pillows! Great company with amazing service!


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