ZCool Fabric Difference

CURRENT COOLING FABRICS AND T-SHIRTS: Most of the available products today use lightweight polyester material with a finish that wicks moisture (similar to TransDRY® used on cotton) to create a lightweight fabric that will wick moisture away from the body. The effectiveness of these polyester wicking fabrics at keeping your body comfortable in heat and humidity is minimal and quickly dissipates as the fiber becomes overloaded with body heat and perspiration.


ZCool FABRIC AND T-SHIRTS provide a noticeable and remarkable cooling effect on a person touching or wearing products or garments made from ZCool fabric. This fabric dries nearly four times faster than typical “cool t-shirts” in laboratory tests. The performance advantage over typical so-called polyester “cooling t-shirts” is twofold: ZCool achieves superior cooling by transporting moisture at an exceptionally high rate, and ZCool fabric technology does not trap and hold heat like polyester. In fact, ZCool yarn is 45% lighter than polyester.

In the above graph, the ZCool t-shirt dried approximately four times faster than any other fabric. The red line is ZCool, pink is UNDERARMOR, green is DeFEET,  and blue is 100% cotton. ZCool shirts are designed to be thin, and therefore minimize the insulation (of the fabric) from interfering with the cooling feeling from the evaporation of the sweat. ZCool shirts have kept police comfortable even when worn under ballistic vests. Additionally, our fabric exhibits the ability to block the sun!

CONCLUSION The ZCool fabric keeps subjects between 2.8 and 8.9 degrees cooler than the currently available alternatives in the marketplace. This is because of the efficient moisture transport and evaporation. The skin is kept drier and therefore is cooler!

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