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The "Standard" Has Been Set

Do you ever go to sleep feeling like your room is the perfect temperature and wake up feeling like you are laying in the sands of Death Valley? I do. Well....atleast, I did.

You may ask: what changed? I recently switched to our newest Z Cloud Mattress. The Z Cloud Standard. The 12" Z Cloud Standard should be the "Standard" for all mattresses. It has carefully been designed through 5+ years of testing and customer feedback. It is comprised of materials that have and you (the consumer) and your sleep quality in mind.


Over the next few weeks I will cover different parts of this mattress and what helped us land on the makeup.

Item Number 1: Sleep Temperature.

Its safe to say we addressed that in the Z Cloud Standard. Not only does the foam within the mattress have cooling measures utilized, the mattress cover (or ticking) also has this technology. And, that my friends is where it gets really cool (No pun intended). The cooling mechanism isn't actually activated until it feels temperature increase. This....This right here...leaving you comfortable all night long, at just the perfect temperature. If you aren't hot, you remain at your comfortable temperature. But, if you are, the cooling effect kicks in making for one of the best nights sleep you have had in years!

If you don't believe me, check out some videos produced by our manufacturing partner that describes and shows this through tests.



Credit to: Trademark of Thermogel Finish