Standard Select Hybrid Mattress

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12" of pure happiness! The perfect mattress for everyone! Naturally aligns and cradles your body!

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Maximizes Airflow 2x better than traditional mattresses!

Our unique construction keeps the body cooler than any other mattresses!

Maximizes Pressure Point Relief 4x Better Than Traditional Mattresses

Soft micro-coils promote peaceful sleep with support and comfort. A gentle nurturing to those pressure points.

Motion Isolating Coils

Ensures all sleepers sleep soundly while not disturbing each other.

100 Day Free Trial

No risk! if you purchase a mattress from us and change your mind, we will refund your money. ($150 return service fee after day 30)

Safety First for Our Customers

All materials are CertiPur-US Certified! They are made without harsh chemicals. Check out!

10 Year Limited Warranty

Ensures you get the most out of your bed! Check out Mattress Warranty!

Best Mattress for Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain Management

Two layers of posturfil coils work to support everything, so all your pain points can get the support they need!

Spine Alignment Support

Each mattress supports and cradles your body to put your spine at ease in the best position possible. Two layers of posturfil coils achieve more support than any other mattress.

Edge to Edge Support

All our mattresses are engineered so that all edges are just as supportive as middle of the mattress.

Perfect Amount of Bounce

The right amount of bounce to support every bone, joint, and muscle in the body.

Endorsed by Doctors of Chiropractor

Our mattresses and pillows are endorsed by current board certified chiropractors.

You searched for a mattress that maximized support without sacrificing comfort! We found the answer!

We bring that answer to you! Unlike other brands we put the support as close to your body as possible while keeping the same comfort!

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1" Quilted Highly Resistant Comfort Foam Layer

This is the first step to fighting body impressions! This foam has a 1.8 pcf(pounds per cubic foot). This foam is Certir-Pur certified! It is the perfect quilt top to maximize support on the first touch! This foam is the most durbale foam on the market!

1.5" Soft Latex Comfort Layer

The latex layer offers the most spring of any foam materials used in a mattress. It is the second layer of support! It is used to create some of the bounce when you lay down!

1" Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer

This is the first cushion layer. It provides cooling effects along with the micro coils! Ultimate we want to fight body impressions, but not so much that it is uncomfortable! This layer ensure you will have cushion but not to much!

.75" Supportive Micro Coil Transitional Airflow and Support Layer

We use individually pocketed spring posturfil coils! Each soft micro spring coil is enclosed in its own chamber. Each one is .75 inches in diameter and 1 inch high! They react to your body instead of conturing.

1" Highly Resisitant Transitional Airflow and Support Foam Layer

We use foam in the base to ensure your mattress lasts a long time! It gives you peace of mind that excellent materials are sitting on something strong and sturdy!

1.5" Supportive Micro Coil Transitional Airflow and Support Layer

We have another layer of individually pocketed spring posturfil coils! The two layers are designed to maximize the support for your body! These micro coils are 1.5" inches in diameter and 1.5" inches tall. They add to your support level unlike any other material in the market.

5.5" High Density Foam Base

We use foam in the base to ensure your mattress lasts a long time! It gives you peace of mind that excellent materials are sitting on something strong and sturdy!

Above is a 12"x12" cross section of our Standard Select Hybrid Mattress! Rest assured your purchase is ensured with a sleep trial! View the carousel at the top find out more!

Standard Hybrid Mattress
Every mattress brand has a 1-10 firmness scale! The standard comes in at a 5.5.



Our proprietary design gives you two layers of posturfil coils close to your body. They react to your body, so the body balances to naturally align everything in the best position possible. There are over 4,000 micro coils in a queen! These pin point pressure points down to an area of inches!

Do you offer white glove service and setup?

We offer white glove service to Hickory NC and surrounding areas. Please call to see if you qualify.

What do I do with my bed frame?

You should check to see if there are any indentations or bowing to your bed foundation as this will affect the mattress. If there are you should replace the bed frame.

What type of bed frame should I get?

Our mattresses work on most bed frames! Please call if you need to confirm!

When will I get my mattress?

Free standard shipping to the continental US. Our Twin, Twin XL, and Full require a 3-5 business day production/handling time. Mattresses are delivered by 3 Day Continental Fedex Shipping. Our King and Queen are part of our Free & Fast 3 Day Shipping! See our shipping page for more information.

We are a family run and owned business in Hickory, North Carolina! We do this for a living, but our customers sleep comes first! We truly care! That is why we provide a toll free number for you to call anytime!

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