Kalmia Therapeutic Sleep System

$4,075.00 $4,485.00

Meet the Kalmia Perfect Height Bed System. Whether you’re short, tall, or in between, this bed features an automated control — you can enter and exit at the optimum comfort level. It comes in multiple sizes and looks like any premium bed you’d be happy to show in your home. It’s just easy!

WE’VE MARRIED CUTTING EDGE ELECTRONICS WITH SLEEK HOME DÉCOR FOR COMFORT, CARE AND CONVENIENCE. This bed meets you where you stand. Here’s what to expect from the Kalmia Perfect Height Bed System.™

  • Hi-Low Technology — the bed rises and lowers a full 10” to make getting in and out easy
  • Adjustable from head to toe — custom-fit for your body
  • Zero Gravity Position- reduce muscle pain and sleep apnea
  • Therapeutic features, fashionable design — discreet electronics
  • Massage features — fits with 110 or 220 volt motors

The Perfect Height ™ Sleep System comes standard with:

  • Head and Foot Adjustable 
  • Full Massage 
  • Underbed Nightlights
  • Hand Control Flashlight

Load Capacity:

Twin XL: 700 lbs
Queen: 800 lbs
Split King (2 Twins): 700 lbs Each Side

Total Weight:

Twin XL: 175 lbs
Queen: 235 lbs
Split King (2 Twins): 350 lbs

    Motorized Height Range (Deck to Floor): 10-20 inches

    Fixed Height: 15 inches standard

    Customizable Height: 9-17 inches (in 2 inch increments)

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