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The perfect pillow to put under your head! Includes a ZCool pillow case!

Our cooling pillow cases are being made as we speak! Right now they have a 2 week lag time! We are allowing everyone to purchase them now! Buy now to reserve yours!

Made with ZCool fabric! Can cool your body up to 9 degrees! The cooling nature is inherently in the fibers of the yarn!

  • Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors
  • Do not use Softeners
  • Tumble Dry Low

Fits Standard, Queen, and King Sizes!

*Bamboo Cover Replaced With ZCool Pillow Case

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Soft Micro Diem Fiber

The fiber is as soft as a fluffy cloud!

Popular For All Sleep Positions

Side, Back, Stomach, rest assured you are in good hands!

Gel-infused Memory Foam

The memory foam provides cooling effects!

2 Hand Sewn Compartments

Ensures both materials stay on their respective side!

Revolutionary Fabric

Not cotton, not Polyester, not Wool, not Nylon, just ZCool Fabric!

4x faster

Dries 4x faster than any other fabric!

Wicking Ability

The wicking ability is in the yarn itself! Every strand works together as a team!

Fabric cools while you sweat!

The cooling factor is activated when you sweat, so you will never have to turn your pillow over again!

Does not hold or trap heat!

Our pillowcase never stops cooling!


45% lighter than polyester!

Hydrophobic Fabric

Takes water and sweat away to cool, prevents "water logging"!

Treated with Micro-Texpur Antimicrobial

Prevents microbes and reduces 99.99% of all microbes on contact!

Two Way Stretch

The fabric stretches side to side to give flexibility!

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