Hybrid Mattress Difference

The difference you ask.....

We are the first mattress in a box to put 2 layers of soft micro spring coils so close to the sleep surface. Ultimately this fights body impressions that are seen in other mattresses giving it a longer life. When you lay on it you can feel the relief your pressure points get! Those two layers push air out the side, so it keeps your body cool!

We offer two firmness levels of the select hybrids!

We have two versions of our hybrid. The firm and standard version. The standard comes in at a 5.5 on a scale of 1-10 while the firm comes in at an 8. The standard is best for side sleepers. Our firm version offers more support, but the same comfort level, so it is best for back sleepers or any individual who prefers a firmer mattress.

Our mattress aligns your spine!

  • mattress reacts to your body instead of conturing
  • 2 layers of pocketed spring coils push up to align spine





No more motion transfer!


  • sleepers do not disrupt each other when tossing or turning
  • each coil is reacting individually in their own enclosed chamber
  • none of the coils are connected besides the fabric holding them all in place to make sure they all stay facing the correct way

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